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Lingro Translates 'Discombobulated' Stuff!!

Here's something for people who're addicted to Google Translate and Babelfish, the guys who simply 'have' to read sites written German, even though they have no idea of the difference between German and Spanish!! Lingro is the site for people like you....

Lingro is an online translator-and-dictionary-in-one site hat lets you look up words simply by clicking on them. The site claims to be "the best website known to hombre!!".You can either visit the Lingro site and submit any webpage URL or a word for instant translation. You can also download a browser plugin that will automatically convert the page you're looking at with a single click. The service also supports conversion of documents from your PC as long as they are Text files, Word files or PDF files.

The best part of this tool is that the site sits quiet in the background, jumping up to work only when you need a definition/translation. Whats more, you can either look up a meaning of an english word or use one of the 7 language dictionaries including Spanish and German. No Hindi though!! :(

The best is yet to come. Lingro also has user definitions enabled. If you come across a word without a decent definition, and there are very few of these that I found, you can add your own definition that will go onto the list. Incase you're scared that user-generated results, then dont' worry!! Lingro shows the source of word definitions (Wictionary(English Dictionary), Beolingus (German dictionary), Lingro User and so on.....

You have to use Lingro to understand it's capabilities. You can download the browser plugin for Internet ExploDer Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera Here

Here are a few examples which showcase Lingro's power....

My Blog Homepage with Lingro enabled (Click on any word for the definition) page on understanding German tenses (Click on any word for the english translation)

Nice huh?? The tool may not become as popular as GTranslate or Babelfish but it certainly offers a whole lot of fun!!

And incase you want to know the meaning of 'discombobulated', don't ask me, simply Lingro it!!


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