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Torrents On Your Browser

BitTorrent has by far been one of the more useful file sharing mediums out there. Unfortunately,this technology is not without its complications. Torrent software has come a long way, but there are still times where you'd like to be able to simply download data without having to install an extra software on your PC.

The guys at Torrent Relay seem to have the same thing on their mind, so have launched a browser-based BitTorrent downloader. Its somewhat like Bitlet, which is web-based (and was very successful even though it is still in its beta testing stage). Torrent Relay lets you plug in a download URL from any tracker site or a link from a friend and it will convert it into a link you can simply click on to begin downloading it using your browser's download manager. This means the tool works on non-software friendly platforms too, such as game consoles and mobile devices. Oh yes, that means that you can download content on your PS3 and iPhone too using Torrent Relay!! The site claims, the new Ajax interface is working freaking great on many devices!! Hmm... Nothing can go wrong there :) !!There's also a 'Mininova Get ID' link for all those Mininova files.

If a torrent file has multiple files in it, the tool can also split them up for you. You can then click on the ones you want to download them (but only one at a time). However this is advantageous for music albums when you only want to download only a track or two. One disadvantage is that any single file larger than 400MB can't be downloaded with this tool. So those giant files still require sofware-based tools to be downloaded. Try it out!!



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