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Heysan Eases Mobile-Chat!!

How many times have you wanted to chat on Gtalk or Yahoo through your mobile but simply given up on the idea because of the lack of efficient software. Well, all your woes have finally been answered.

Heysan is a brand new mobile site that integrates the most popular IM clients into a single desktop application and lets you chat with your friends on MSN, AIM, ICQ, Yahoo and GTalk through your mobile and that too for free. Of course telecom data rates apply, but the technology, which will soon be patented, claims to work with any service provider and any phone model in any part of the world. Excellent!! Optimized for mobile browsing, the service allows messages to be pushed via SMS to your phone if you're online, which by the way is exactly what Yahoo and MSN are already offering as a paid service on some mobile networks, but since Heysan is letting you IM for free, it might just be worth your while to give it a go!!

Tried it?? tell me about your experience...


George said...

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