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Taiwan Chugs onto WiMAX!!

Wimax is set to make it big in Taiwan!! The Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) has announced that will cooperate with the government-sponsored Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and other companies, to carry out an experimental project for broadband Internet access through WiMAX on Taiwan's high- speed trains.

The trial project aims to roll out workable mobile broadband access solutions for THSR, and ITRI also plans to cooperate with Taiwan WiMAX hardware makers to develop other value-added solutions for international markets based on experience gained from the field trial on the THSR experimental project.

Related experiments will be carried out in three sections of Taiwan's rail lines, including a section between Taipei and Sungshan, between Taoyuan and Hsinchu and the section near the Tainan Science-based Industrial Park, focusing on testing within tunnels, attenuation of signals, and the deployment of WiMAX networks on different terrains along the rail line.

The experiment is aiming to reach a data transmission speed of 15Mbps between the terrestrial areas and high speed trains while the trains are moving at speeds of 250-300kmph, ITRI added.

While ITRI is responsible for building the experimental environment and integration of all trial processes, Zyxel will help set up the WiMAX base stations. THSR will consider how to commercialize the WiMAX service after the testing is completed by the end of 2008, ITRI indicated.

Recently an announcement was made, back in my home state of Goa, western India, that the entire state would be brought under WiMAX to (uhm uhm) encourage education among the youth through newer media like the net. Its been quite a few months now, nearly a year maybe, but there's no news on further developments. Guess it'll be quite a while before I post an entry titled "Goa embraces WiMAX". sigh sigh.



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