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'Amul' on Second Life!!

Amul, India's leading dairy is all set to make it's presence in the virtual world of Second Life. Incase you haven't already heard of Second Life, you can get the facts here. Amul has set up its virtual parlor in the very popular Linden Labs virtual world.

Trimensions, a Gurgaon based Metaverse Development company which aims to help Indians establish their presence in 3D online virtual worlds, is helping Amul to develop its existence on Second Life. Amul is planning to buy 8-10 islands, approximately equal to 160 acres of virtual land, in Second Life to set up a simulation of its production and distribution facility.

The objective behind launching a virtual setup is to demonstrate its functioning to the consumers, and experiment with any change in the production or distribution system virtually before executing it in the real world.

I'm not qute sure what this strategy would yield. But this surely generates a itch in me to know how far the Indian user base in Second Life spreads.

All I can hope is that in Amul’s case, may their digital strategy turns out to be utterly butterly delicious!!



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