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'Zygote' Lights Up The Party

Hailing from Goa, which is by far the Party Capital of India, I'm certainly enthused by developments on the party scene. Well that said, the invention that I speak about in this post can simply be described as an amazing invention!!

There's always been a weird connection between parties and balls. No you perverts, not those balls, I mean party-balls. Sheesh!! Generally an outdoor party/concert is simply not complete without a few humongous party-balls being bounced across the stage by people, who for some strange reason, enjoy doing this. Why?? Pata Nahin (I Don't Know), but as soon as you see that thing coming at you, you simply lunge forward passing it on to next person. Now, lets take this simple concept to the next step.

The 'Zygote' is a human sized helium filled ball which has an internal mechanism that makes it light up when it is met with any kind of physical force (see video at end). A good push will make it light up and float off to another section of the "eternally boozed" crowd. It’s so simple, yet Insanely Cool and is bound to hit it big time on the international party scene. I'm sure some of you might have durability concerns with a product like this. After all, it only takes one drunk bozo with a swiss-knife to ruin everyone’s fun. Even a mistake may lead to the ball getting deflated. You know what I call such people?? PARTY POOPERS!! How can you find fault in an invention as brilliant as this? Just Pump Up the volume, Let in the chicks, and start Bouncing the Zygote!!

Check out the video of 'Zygote' at a party in Italy.(BTW Thanks for all the emails regarding the video embedding in this post yesterday)

Rock On!!


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