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Are You A Music Criminal?

Here's a question for you.... How many songs do you think an average teen has on his iPod?? And what percentage of those tracks are pirated?? A recent study has answered these questions and the results are shocking!!

The survey, conducted on iPod owners in the age group of 14-24, by the British Music Rights has shown that over 50% the average 1770 tracks on an MP3 player pirated ones.It also revealed that 95 % of teenagers and young people copy music in some way or the other.....Illegally!! This means that an average owner keeps £750 (Roughly Rs. 60000!!) worth of copied music on their iPods!!

Here are some statistics from the survey:
  • 58 % of the surveyed audience admitted having copied music from a friend’s hard drive to their own,
  • 63 % download music using P2P file sharing networks, and
  • 42 % allow P2P users to upload from their own computers.

However there was some relief for the legal music lobby:
  • 60 % of the surveyed audience said they would carry on buying original CDs.
  • 80 % of current P2P users said that they would be interested in a legal file-sharing service, and would even be willing to pay for downloading legal tracks.
I don't really know if this is the future is bright for the legal music industry or not!! What is more shocking, atleast for me is the fact that this survey was conducted in the UK, a country known for its openness to "legal- file sharing". What do you think Indian music enthusiasts will say?? I can bet that the amount of pirated music on "Indian" music players is far greater than their UK counterparts.....

71 thousand jobs are also lost every year due to music piracy. And with the advent of newer, better software with extended search capabilities like Vuze, it seems that this number will only rise over the next few years.
First and foremost, it is quite clear that this young and tech-savvy demographic is as crazy about and engaged with music as any previous generation. Contrary to popular belief, they are also prepared to pay for it too. But only if offered the services they want --Feargal Sharkey, BMR’s chief executive



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