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Hands itching?? Start Slapping!!

How many times have you wanted to slap someone, I mean literally have your hand go right across someones face at a few hundred Kmph? Tired waiting for your "friend" to come online?? or are your hands simply itching too much?? Well, now you can do it, atleast virtually. Indian online games company,, has now launched "Slapster", its first application on social networking Web site Orkut.

Don't believe it? Well check it out for yourself!! Games2Win claims that Slapster is a great release for anger and frustration, the kind you experience when friends get exasperating and make you want to give them a whack, except that you just can't!! Accept it.... they're all in better shape than you, and if they retaliate, well, lets just say you're going to need a new pair of b@11$.
Of course, "Slapster" is only about 'virtually slapping' each other. Although to make it as real as possible, the application allows you to add a friend's profile to your avatar (male/female). After which, all you need to do is use your mouse to click on and drag a trembling hand and strike with all your might. If you want to be 'mr nice guy' and not give an unsuspecting friend a nasty surprise.

You even get 'Slapster badges' for all the slapping action you perform. Slap fast repeatedly and you get to flash the badge; you start as a rookie 'Second Lieutenant' and get to climb up the ranks to 'General'. whats more?? you can even customize your slaps and provide reasons for slapping someone. Its seriously fun!! So go ahead, slap on. I've already slapped a few people for reasons like 'coz he's an idiot' and 'coz she broke up with me in kindergarten'. And it certainly felt great!!

A simple inconspicuous poke is getting to be passe. Users are now looking for more expressive ways to communicate with friends --Alok Kejriwal, chief executive officer of Games2Win



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