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Now Thats A Wedding Cake!!

This has to be the awesomest geek wedding cake ever!! It was a Flickr user's wedding cake, and it seems to have everything in the Mario world represented nicely. It’s got Toad, Yoshi, Piranha plants, mushrooms, even the Chain Chomp guy. The castle on a planet was inspired from Super Mario Galaxy. The cake was created by Beth from Let Them Eat Cake in California.

Ever wondered why people never divorce with such style?? They should. You’re getting the hell away from each other after all which, according to me, is cause to celebrate!! Marry with a Mario cake and divorce with a Zelda cake, that’s what I say. Or how about a Tetris cake, that can be thrown at each other.

Pure fun huh?? Go Geeks!!


Anonymous said...

hehe, tht srsly is one heck of a cake! Yummy.... when can I dig in?

Anonymous said...

Gaming cakes huh? I'd like a "Doom" cake please. What about a GTA cake with prostitutes jumping all around?

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