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And Intel Reveals Its Own!!

In another Punch-For-A-Punch move, Intel has revealed its own gift to gamers, promising easy overclocking in its newest processor, Nehalem.

Just as they did a few days ago, in the laptop processor segment ( read this post (Intel's Atom) and this post (AMD's Puma), today Intel has revealed that Bloomfield and Lynnfield, key processors of Intel’s upcoming Nehalem family, will indeed feature overclocking capabilities for up to 16 CPU cores.

Core 3(the current codename), or whatever Intel decides to call the desktop CPU, will be available as an Extreme Edition variant, which is ready to elevate the performance bar. At the very high-end, Intel is developing the successor of its mind bogglingly expensive V8 Skulltrail platform. This time around, your Windows Task Manager will see 16 cores and not just eight.

Bloomfield is Intel’s high-end part, featuring a 192-bit DDR3-1333 and DDR2-1600 memory controller. DDR3-1600 support is still unofficial at this point, since Intel is waiting for JEDEC ratification.

Lynnfield is the mainstream desktop part, which will feature a more conventional 128-bit memory controller.

Time will find what Intel’s Bloomfield overclocking potential really is. When Nehalem comes to life, and good overclocking motherboards are ready, the true power of Nehalem shall be unleashed. Till then, I guess, all you can do is dream about that day.

No matter what others say, the battle between AMD and Intel seems to be having a major positive impact on the chip industry. In case you haven't read about AMD's "secret" already, you can read about it in THIS BLOG POST



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