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Website Judges Your Looks!!

Are you good-looking?? Do you think you look as good as Tom Cruise or Leonardo Di Caprio?? I'm sure most of you've wanted to know the answer to this question but have been too embarresed to ask anyone?? If yes then is the site to visit.

All you need to do is upload a photo of you or your friend on Facestat, and then the site will ask a series of questions ranging from age, gender and ethnicity to weight, intoxication, and relationship status.

The results it offers are based on general assessment of what the "average person" thinks of a user's look, But be warned, these "opinions" may sometimes be brutal.

An interesting aspect of this online survey is that it asks respondents to judge behaviour based on looks.

According to the officials, Facestat reinforces the belief that people are basically superficial when it comes to judgments based solely on appearance.

Well can't actually say that it'll do you any good but what the heck?? Check out this site to know what people think of your looks..... or simply read some of the comments.... they're hilarious!!

I'd updated a pic of myself and here are my results:
Q: Describe Me
A:Sexy, sly, smart, cute, skater, wannabe, mysterious, young, scary

Hmm... pretty good (except for the "scary" part)

Q: How attractive am I?
A:Mostly "Good looking" , A Bit "Not Bad", A small percentage "Hot stuff" and an equally small percentage "repulsive"

Hmm... Right again

Q: Whats my age?
A: On an average 17 years

Absolutely spot on!!

Q:How Smart am I?
Mostly "bright", a very small percentage "genius"

I love this site and its users!!

Any comments??



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