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And AMD launches "PUMA"

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices), will today officially unveil its line of laptop chips code-named "Puma" at Computex 2008. This is the company's largest-ever launch for notebooks. Well this certainly makes sense considering that laptops are the fastest selling type of PC's. More importantly, AMD's main rival Intel has enjoyed a strong position in the notebook segment for many many years.

The new platform comprises a new micro-processor, mobile chipset, and related chips but it's the chipset which is likely to be the center of AMD's pitch to notebook makers and consumers.
"Puma" deploys AMD's Turion X2 Ultra Dual-Core processor, which has hogged the limelight as the first processor ever produced by AMD with mobile devices in mind.
"Puma" will be offered in 3 versions. The cheapest version will have a processor with integrated graphics. The middle-end platform, which will cost Rs. 2500 more, but will use both a graphics processing unit from AMD's ATI graphics unit + integrated graphics functions of the chipset. The high-end version will include a high-end discrete ATI graphics chip for more intense gaming and working with high-definition movies.

Notebooks based on "Puma" are stated to arrive in the next month or two from the likes of Acer, Dell, HP, and Toshiba. AMD has claimed that more than 100 different notebook PCs will be designed to use versions of the "Puma" platform.

The next big release from the AMD stables will be "Barcelona" which has been delayed by a year after encountering major glitches. With Intel having launched "Atom", only time can tell which chip- manufacturer will take home the major bite of the notebook segment in the near future.


Anonymous said...

Puma is sure to pounce upon intel's new processor "atom". It is easily the better among the 2 for mobile platforms


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