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LG Joins The 'Eco-Friendly' Bandwagon!!

Corporate marketers nowadays are definitely working overtime to showcase their New energy-efficient/environmentally-safe products. After Dell announced its "most eco-friendly computer ever", Apple patented technology that hinted that Ipod's would soon be solar powered, and many many weird "eco-friendly" developments like this one, LG has decided to jump onto the eco-express!! LG’s brand new 22 inch Flatron W2252TE TFT-LCD monitor, which the company claims is the “world’s most energy-efficient monitor”, is definitely LG's contestant for "used in Al Gore's desktop" competition. The Flatron model uses 45 % less power but still manages to have more than enough contrast and brightness for web surfing and gaming.

Of course, there’s no mention of all those toxic chemicals like lead, chromium and barium that are used to make up a basic TFT-LCD monitor. Oh yeah and what about the heavy metals breaking down near water sources when computer hardware manufacturers perform their so-called “used computer recycling” in China, India and Latin America??

LG has till now never touted itself as environment friendly unlike other companies (unlike companies like DELL and HP) but this launch certainly seems that the marketing guru's at LG have realized that people are infact ready to shell out more moolah $$$ for "eco-friendly" products. LG has still kept wraps on the price of this monitor, but I can assure you that it will cost a bit more than others in its category. The savings in energy consumption by this monitor are commendable and a good start, but LG, which even today has no tech recycling programme for its used products, has a looooong way to go.



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