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Chandrayaan-I, Locked And Loaded!!

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has only one objective - To put India onto the global space exploration map. And it certainly seems that they're all set to do so!! Scientists at ISRO have successfully integrated the 11 instruments onto the spacecraft which will be sent to the moon on 19th September.

The spacecraft will be shifted to the launchpad about four weeks prior to the launch date to enable launch-engineers to carry out necessary checks on the launch vehicle.

The space-craft will carry:

    A near-infrared spectrometer
  • X-ray spectrometer
  • A laser altimeter (to determine the altitude of the lunar craft for spatial coverage of various instruments)
  • A high-resolution stereo camera (capable of imaging objects about 16 feet in diameter)
  • A 64-pound impactor (which will be dropped from the orbiting spacecraft for a suicidal nosedive into the moon)

along with 6 other instruments.

The probe will relay video imagery, altitude information and spectral data back to Earth through the Chandrayaan mothership, which will be in a lunar orbit 100 kilometres away.
These payloads will enable researchers to ascertain the composition and topography of the lunar surface.

The instruments include the following , which six indigenous and five under international cooperation, The tests are expected to last another four weeks after which the spacecraft's ability to handle the extreme thermal and vacuum environment of lunar orbit will be assessed, followed by vibration and acoustic tests.
Chandrayaan-I will be launched by the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV), which has had an impressive record when it comes to launching satellites. Infact the PSLV has enjoyed 9 consecutive successful missions prior to this one!!
The launch is likely to take place on September 19 provided all the tests turn successful.

I simply can't wait for Sep 19. Here's the time we have to wait for this historic day!!

We are now carrying out detailed integrated tests to ensure all systems work as per the expectations and to record spacecraft level data for future reference.--Mylswamy Annadurai, Project Director of Chandrayaan-I


Ab Devilliers said...

This was incredibly alarming to Americans since now the Russians were putting more than just satellites into space and there for could put nukes in space as well. chandrayaan 1 photos The money NASA saved from scuttling the Shuttle would instead go to different areas.


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