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The Desi Flying Saucer!!

OK, after the Chinese did it, did you actually think that us Indians would be far behind?? Of course not!! After the post in which I wrote about the Chinese version of the flying saucer, an Indian scientist in the US has come up with his own version of the mystical vehicle.

Subrata Roy, a professor at the University of Florida, has applied for a patent for his design of a circular, spinning aircraft. The vehicle dubbed WEAV, short for Wingless Electromagnetic Air Vehicle supposedly offers several advantages over most other spacecraft prototypes.

Here are some of its features:
  • It can hover and take off vertically
  • It is remarkably reliable (mainly because it has no moving parts)
  • The design is partially hollow and continuously curved (This improves lift and control)
Roy has, in the past worked in the U.S. Air Force-funded plasma research to develop the propulsion system devoid of typical aircraft parts such as propellers and engines.

Here is how it works (I don't really blame you if you don't get it): Electrodes lining the vehicle’s surface ionize the surrounding air. This creates plasma on the vehicle’s exterior. An electrical current sent through this plasma generates a force that not only produces the necessary lift and momentum. It also stabilizes the vehicle in windy conditions.

Roy envisions the craft to be used for surveillance as well as in other atmospheres, such as that of Saturn’s moon Titan, whose high air density and low gravity would be favorable to saucer flight.

A problem pointed out however is that the plasma necessary to fly will obstruct wave transmission used for communicating with a remote source like another plane/ the control tower.

Hehehe..... Us humans are definitely getting smarter, Plasma powered aircrafts, I don't think it'll be a long time before we come up with the question which fits the answer "42" (Read this for more details)

Of course the risk is huge, but so is the payoff. If successful, we will have an aircraft, a saucer and a helicopter all in one embodiment --Subrata Roy


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are you from indonesia?
why your name like indonesian?

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