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Download Day is Here........Hurrah??

Firefox 3.0 is going online today, the 17th of June. And its Download Day, Mozilla's massive internet PR gig that I'd written about earlier.The attempt to break the record began at 1230 IST. More than 1.3 million people have "pledged" to download the new version today. WHat remains to be seen is how many people actually download the browser in the next 24 hours. Especially consied

New features in Version 3 include

  • Automatic warnings when users stray onto malicious webpages.
  • A "Smart Location Bar" that lets people return to places they have visited even if they have not bookmarked them.
Firefox 3 will work with Windows 2000 onwards and other OS's including Linux.

According to the Mozillaparty website more than 550 celebrations are planned for the browser's launch worldwide.

Firefox is currently thought to be used by about 15-17% of web users in the US and nearly 30% in Europe. With version 3.0, Mozilla is aiming for a minimum of 20 % stake in the worldwide browser pie-chart.

Fact: Firefox 2.0 registered 1.6 million downloads on the day it was made available (24 October, 2006)

Meanwhile, Microsoft has announced that the beta version of IE8 is due coming August.

As a diehard Firefox fanatic, I've already downloaded my copy of Firefox 3. But I'm still wondering if others will emulate my example!!

Oh, and by the way, did I mention that they also give you a certificate to "appreciate your efforts"?? Its somewhat like the appreciation certificate I got when I sent my name to the moon. Its in the form of a 450KB personalized PDF file. Here's a pic of mine

Firefox is making very steady encroachment in to the market. It's a very serious contender to the world domination of IE --Adam Vahed, Apache Solutions.



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