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Protect Yourself From OTS Data Theft!!

This may seem amusing to some, but only victims of shoulder surfing or ‘over the shoulder’ (OTS) data theft know how destructive it can be. OTS data theft often leads to untraceable leakage of sensitive data like passwords, credit card numbers, phone-numbers etc. The problem is that in most cases, victims remains clueless about the stalker!!

To cope with this type of destructive data theft, Cell Savers have come up with Magi-Privacy™ screen - a thin, one-size-fits all type of coating to the screens of handheld devices due to which the screens would appear black when tilted, allowing only the user perfectly interact with the device!!

The screen has compatibility with almost all cell phone brands ranging from BlackBerry, HTC, LG and Motorola to Nokia, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and even Toshiba, to mention a few, and fits portable screen sizes of up to 4.5 inches. The Magi-Privacy screen can be pasted without any adhesives and can be stripped off without any residual remains.

It retails for £7.99 ($15.20 USD). Interested Indians can buy it online!!

Cell-Savers future plans include the addition of the Magi-Privacy Screen™ filter for use on computers and notebook screens and the Magi-Mirror Screen™ which converts the screen of mobile devices in to a portable compact mirror. Both the Magi-Mirror Screen™ and Magi-Privacy Screen™ function as tough screen protectors, protecting the handheld device screen from damage caused by scratches and preventing glare.

Stay Safe!!



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