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Cellphones Go Solar .... Finally!!

A few posts back, I'd told you how Apple inc. was exploring newer ways to power their Gen-next devices . Well, it seems like the guys at Intuit have taken this gruesome task upon themselves....... with unbelievable results!! The candy bar you see here is the Eclipse Intuit phone, designed to be a sleek little touchscreen phone that charges itself by the power of Ra (thats the Egyptian Sun-god for the not so egyptian type).

The Eclipse Intuit phone is a concept by designer Eddie Goh, and it carries:
1) a 5 megapixel camera,
2) a wide touchscreen display,
3) a slide-out touch keyboard, and
4) built-in image and video editing features.

What’s really notable about this phone concept, though, is that it will have a casing that’s covered in a chemically based thin solar skin so that it can charge the battery whenever it gets exposed to ANY kind of light. That’s right, it doesn’t only use the sun, but practically any kind of light you can imagine.

Wow!! If this "concept phone" ever reaches the consumer-market, well maybe, just maybe, we'll save our a$$es on this planet for a few more years.



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