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Azureus Is Now Vuze!!

If you've heard P2P then you've most probably heard of Azureus, one of the most popular torrent client available. Now Azureus has changed its name to Vuze. Along with the name, Azureus has also filled up its trunk with some new and nifty social-networking features in its latest upgrade (version 3.1).

The name Vuze, has been adopted from the name of a desktop video player that was launched last year. The new client bundles the player and torrent-client together and binds them with some new features.

Vuze 3.1 features a search engine which users can use to spider across multiple torrent-tracking Web sites such as MiniNova, SuprNova or The Pirate Bay while looking for content.

Other new features included in Vuze 3.1 are the social networking features. These features let you share your favorite torrents directly with friends and create profiles. One grouse is that chatting haven't been introduced in this release. However Vuze has maintained itself Open-source.

Azureus has had a rough patch over the past few months, especially with the introduction of plug-ins that track statistics on ISP throttling behavior. It seems like the merge was one of the few options it had left. Being a Azureus user in the past, I felt pretty much at home with the new Vuze... However I can't really say how many Azureus users will readily jump to Vuze. Guess we'll just have to wait and watch.



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