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This Nokia Phone is Trash.......Seriously!!

Nokia has decided to try their hand at a green phone (eh..... this is getting boring huh??).

Although this is still a concept design, I guess the fact that they are trying their hand at it even is a good sign (especially in these globally warm days).

But here's the twist.... This phone doesn't promise safe disposal or eco-friendly usage. Here's the "green" part. The phone’s outer shell is created from old metal cans through a process of upcycling. The gaskets and the backing for the numeric keypad are made from car tires, while all the plastic components are made of recycled PET bottles. Oh yeah... so now you know where your recycled Coke bottle and that Dunlop you'd given away goes!!

Here's what it'll look like:

Although the look of it is quite a bit different from the rest on the market ( accept it, its UGLY!!), the small size would likely make it a bit more of a sought after item. Sadly Nokia don’t seem to be taking this beyond concept stage. Hmmmm.... Here's what I have to say about this:

Nokia Nokia give us this phone, Clean up our planet No plastic, only stone
Nokia Nokia Give us this cell, coz if we wait any longer we'll all be going to hell!! -- Navin (in a poetic mood)


Anonymous said...

its sooo ugly...who'd want a phone like that?

Anonymous said...

Its nice to see major companies like Nokia taking steps to improve its eco profile.

However, as we have seen in the past, this may just end up being just another marketing gimmick.

Lets just pray for the best

Anonymous said...

I don't think it looks that bad...

Anonymous said...

can you tell me when this phone will be launched?

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